Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise + Portable + Addons + KeyGen (ALL IN ONE)

Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise + Portable + Addons + KeyGen (ALL IN ONE)

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Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise




Office Enterprise 2007 is the most complete Mcft toolset provided for people who must collaborate with others and work with information efficiently, regardless of location or network status. Office Enterprise 2007 builds on the strengths of Mcft Office Professional Plus 2007, adding Mcft Office Groove 2007 and Mcft Office OneNote 2007, enabling people to collaborate and create, manage, and use information more efficiently. Here are the top 10 ways Office Enterprise 2007 can help you and your organization deliver better results faster.

In addition to all the other applications available in Office Professional Plus 2007, Office Enterprise 2007 includes Office Groove 2007 and Office OneNote 2007. With Office Groove 2007 and Office OneNote 2007, teams have a rich set of information-sharing applications that work with Mcft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to provide a comprehensive collaboration and information storage and retrieval system to increase information workers efficiency and the productivity of project teams. Find more information about the top 10 benefits of Office Enterprise 2007.

Office Enterprise 2007 integrates with other Mcft Office system software, including Office SharePoint Server 2007, Mcft Office Communicator 2007, and Mcft Office InfoPath 2007. This integration enables you to work smoothly among these programs. For example, a team can use Office Communicator 2007 and Office OneNote 2007 together to add video and instant messaging content and capabilities to an Office OneNote 2007 live sharing session. Content created in Office Groove 2007 and Office OneNote 2007 can also be stored as a long-term project record in Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Office Enterprise 2007 can help people more efficiently gather, organize, share, access, and reuse information from any location. Use Office Enterprise 2007 to:

� Easily and more securely share information among teams. By taking advantage of the network-independent architecture of Office Groove 2007, you can invite team members to a more secure, encrypted workspace, regardless of physical location.
� Catch all the details of team calls and meetings by synchronizing typed or handwritten notes with audio and video recordings in Office OneNote 2007.
� Increase a team's productivity and ability to reuse existing information by using the advanced search capabilities in Office OneNote 2007 and Office SharePoint Server 2007.
� Stay on top of the latest project updates with automatic data synchronization and notifications in Office Groove 2007.
� Maximize efficiency of e-mail storage and network bandwidth. With Office Groove 2007, efficient data synchronization eliminates the need to use e-mail for sharing files among team members.
� Copy information from and into other 2007 Mcft Office system programs, including Mcft Office Word 2007, Office Excel 2007, Office Outlook 2007, and Office PowerPoint 2007, using an Office OneNote 2007 notebook.






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